I’m doing a re-watch of Star Trek starting with Voyager (because I can and it’s my favorite) and this is a conversation that happened that reminded me exactly why this series beats so many of your favs.

When Neelix’s Ocampa lover, Kes, is accidentally triggered into entering her once-in-a-lifetime (literally) biological chance to have a child, the couple is forced to accelerate the decision to have children with each other. Neelix responds unfavorably because he simply doesn’t believe he’s ready to be a father. He ends up talking to Tuvok, the Vulcan, about his concerns and this is the conversation that unfolds.

I just…I cannot fathom how much it means to me as a woman to see this kind of conversation happening in a tv show. There are just so many shows that don’t try to talk about the fallacies inherent in essentializing gender roles especially within the context of parenting. 

And it’s not just this conversation…representation on Star Trek for women was phenomenal. So, so many different women of different races playing characters both human and alien going throughout the entire franchise.

My childhood was made of watching this series with my sisters and my brother. To see gender equality handled as a given while growing up is life changing. 

I’m not saying this series was perfect or without problems but it did a lot more than so many others from that time and now.

Ugh, I am having so many damned Trek feels right now. BRB, gonna go gif up some Harry Kim, B’elanna, and/or Chakotay sets.

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